Skype 4 on Arch Linux

14 Jun 2012 at 00:00:00 - 0 comment(s)

Can't wait for skype 4 package to make it in arch repository, here is how to get skype 4 on arch linux by using the .deb from skype website.

First of all, you need deb2targz which you can get from aur or with yaourt

yaourt -S deb2targz

Then you get skype for Debian 6.0 (32 or 64 bit depending if you run arch 64 or not). I'm running arch 64.

Finally you convert the .deb into .tar.gz

deb2targz skype-debian_4.0.0.7-1_amd64.deb

You move the .tar.gz you get into / and you extract the content

tar zxf skype-debian_4.0.0.7-1_amd64.tar.gz

You can now run skype 4, it works flawlessly on arch linux.


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